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Absolutely!  Realnet agents follow Frec policies, rules and regulations closely.  Florida Realtors has a free legal hotline for Realtors.  Realnet Realtors use it when we have questions, we make sure to maintain 100% compliance.  Florida Realtors Legal Hotline.

No, the brokerage pays for E&O insurance, Realnet 100% Commission agents are not responsible for E&O costs.

No, Realnet agents are not required to work at the oce. Agents typically work from home or on the road.

Yes, Realnet does offer training in the form of mentors. Mentors are experienced real estate agents and brokers who are available to teach real estate contracts, listing agreements, procedures for closing, marketing strategies, social media, etc. Mentors receive a portion of the commission for transactions they help coordinate.

No. However, if agents want access to MLS and a Supra (or Realtor) key, they do need to join a board of Realtors. If an agent wants to activate their license but does not need access to MLS or the supra key, we do have a solution for those agents that includes the same 100% commission plan but has no requirement to join a board of Realtors.

Yes. For Residential sales over $500,000.00 and any commercial sale, the $295 fee is replaced with a 90/10 split. 90% to the agent, 10% to the brokerage.

Yes, Realnet is a longtime agent with HUD (U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development). Realnet agents may also sign up with HUD and place bids on properties.

No, Realnet does not do flat-fee listings.  Realnet agents are committed to maintaining the highest standards for our business and we believe our agents need to be 100% aware and involved with their transactions.  

Absolutely, we are happy to overnight commission checks to agents.  *The cost of the overnight is deducted from the agent’s commission check.

Absolutely!  Realnet agents are closings commercial transactions every year!  The commission split on commercial closings is 90/10.

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