Training for 100% Commission Realtors

The 100% real estate brokerage model has gained popularity the past 10 years, but the model is focused on maximizing agent splits. So how do we find a win-win way for new and inexperienced agents to join Realnet?

The answer is by using Mentors to train new agents.

Realnet does welcome inexperienced agents to join the brokerage. However, inexperienced agents are required to hire one of our senior agents as a mentor to train on the first 5 transactions.

Realnet Mentors are experienced Realtors, many who have also earned their broker’s license, and many who have leadership experience in corporate America. These agents are a huge asset to the brokerage and are a huge asset to a new agent looking for some experience and training.

What is the cost?

Realnet Mentors have two levels of involvement:

1) 10% Commission Split. For 10% of the commission on a closing, the Mentor will oversee the new agent’s file, help the new agent navigate their closing, and be available to answer questions. This training model is a good option for an agent who previously had a real estate career and need some brushing up as they get back into real estate.

2) 25% Commission Split. For 25% of the commission on a closing, the Mentor will oversee the file just the same as in the 10% split. However, on the 25% plan, the Mentor will be available for more training as well as spend time meeting with clients for listing presentations, etc. This training model is a good fit for a new agent with very little experience.

Join nearly 200 happy 100% Real Estate Agents at Realnet!

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