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Realnet's 6 Steps to Prepare your Home for Sale

Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is so often overlooked when people are selling their home for top dollar! Sprucing up the front of the home and landscaping will make a big difference when it comes to curb appeal. Some homes were better designed and have lots of curb appeal but even if your home is not the most appealing shape, the curb appeal can always be improved. We recommend pressure washing the walls, fences and driveway. Pressure washing is much more affordable than paint and with our constant heat and humidity in Central Florida, it will make a nice improvement when you have any mold or mildew removed. Utilize plants and landscaping to improve curb appeal. Buyers are always attracted to a home that represents that tropical Florida feel. Consider adding some tropical palms and showy, blooming plants to add to your home’s curb appeal.

Weekend Warrior Projects

We all have these lists and we all neglect them, even the most simple chores! When you are preparing to sell your home, plan to do some weekend warrior projects! Touch up paint is one of the easiest and most rewarding tasks when preparing your home. With a can of touch up paint you can quickly inspect your home and add paint to the dents, scratches, and areas where the paint has been worn off. Touch up paint is fun because with only a small amount of work you can really improve the look of your home and make your walls look like new again! This is also time to tidy up any repairs that have been neglected. Plan to spend a weekend fixing up the loose ends that have been on your list. Don’t wait until last minute! Your first home showing will be here before you know it, get that house looking it’s best so it will sell for top dollar!

Front Door

Dress up the front door, show potential buyers how welcoming this house is to visitors. Add a new wreath and be sure to give the door a good cleaning. Front doors tend to collect dust and dirt. You can really change the feel of the entrance to your home when you tidy up and clean your front entrance.

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Decluttering is so important! We don’t have basements in Florida and we are all guilty of keeping a cluttered home. While you are selling your home, consider a storage unit temporarily. Storage companies such as PODS give you the ability to remove all of your storage items and clutter from the home. Your home will show very well when the clutter has been removed and every room shows it’s clear purpose to your potential buyers.

Let the Light in!

Nothing improves the feel of a home than to let in a lot of natural light! While your home is on the market, get in the habit of leaving blinds open, remove anything in your windows that would block light and let that natural light in!

Dirt and Pets

While your home is on the market for sale there will be a lot of traffic coming through and you will need a plan to keep everything looking tidy. As well as you the homeowner making special effort to keep the home clean, it is also a good idea to have a professional cleaning crew clean the home once a week. Keep in mind the home will get a lot more traffic than usual when your prospective buyers are walking through. We need to be prepared for all that extra dirt that will enter the home and we want the home looking nice for EVERY potential buyer that pays us a visit. If you are a pet owner, plan to clean up any pet hair, use the pooper scooper out in the yard and change the litter box every week. It is very important to control pet odors when your home is up for sale.

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