Real Estate Investment Trusts

Real Estate Investment Trusts, or REITs for short, are great options for people without a lot of capital who wish to invest in real estate. These specialized companies buy and manage a variety of properties, from shopping malls to apartment buildings. Each Real Estate investment trusts typically invests in one type of property; you just […]

Foreclosure Listings – First Call List

Whether you’re a first time investor, a seasoned veteran, or just looking opportunities for real estate investment, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on the available foreclosure listings. Many sites charge a fee to browse their lists; why would you choose that option when we can provide you with for free? Have you […]

Starting your Real Estate Investment Portfolio

If you’re looking to start your real estate investment portfolio, it can be confusing to decide exactly where to start. Learning how to build your real estate portfolio is very important to your success. Luckily, it’s not hard to learn how; here are a few tips to get you started. Set small goals. As with […]

REO properties: What Are They?

You have probably heard of REO properties, but do you know exactly what they are? Simply put, they are properties that were foreclosed upon, didn’t sell at public auction and were subsequently returned to the bank. REO properties aren’t always just houses; any property, including multiple rental units, commercial buildings and vacant land can be […]

FHA Lending Policy- Changes!

Big announcements in the FHA lending policy! It is important to understand what they are doing, and how it can affect your investments. The FHA Seasoning policy…AKA “flip rule” is being lifted! Effective Feb 1, 2010, investors can purchase a foreclosed home, fix it up and sell it as quickly as possible! No more waiting […]

Buying Investment Property- How Low Will it Go?

We spend the majority of the day debating this question: How much cheaper will Tampa investment property get? Selling 20 houses a month gives us a good perspective on the local Tampa investment market. In my 11 years in the real estate market, I haven’t seen prices this low. Another factor to look at is […]

Investment Strategies

The stock market is very unstable… If you’re lucky, it’s up, but you never know when it’s going to go down. Real estate investment, on the other hand, is very stable; and with all the foreclosure listings available in today’s market, the opportunities are endless. If you’re ready to invest, it makes sense to think […]

Buying Repossessed Homes

Buying repossessed homes is one of the best opportunities available in real estate investment. Because so many people are now unable to make payments on their mortgages, lenders are becoming overrun with repossessed homes. The lenders sell these homes at a foreclosure auction in an attempt to get rid of the properties as quickly as possible. Since lenders aren’t […]

Foreclosure Auction – Is it Worth it?

When lenders foreclose on a property, they want to get cash quick; the fastest way to do that is to sell the property in a foreclosure auction. A foreclosure auction is a great opportunity for investors to obtain properties at well below market value. The unfortunate part of buying a foreclosed property at an auction […]

Business Plan for Property Investing

Before applying for a business loan, you’re required to complete a business plan to present the feasibility of your plan. In addition, a business plan is a map; you can check this map periodically to make sure your business is on track. Real estate investment is a business, and as such, should have a business plan. As […]