End of the Year Task List

It’s almost the end of another year! Have you gotten all of your ducks in a row yet? It’ll soon be time to file your tax return, and make sure your investment properties are ready for the coming year. Here are a few things that you may want to look at to reevaluate your progress and set […]

Determining Property Values

Once you’ve found the ideal investment property and approved its validity for your investment goals, you need to evaluate the property values. Be sure to do your own research. You can easily lose everything you’ve worked hard for if you determine the property values purely by the word of the seller or the county tax […]

Choosing your First Investment Property

New investors are usually very eager to get started; the problem is, they aren’t sure where to get started. What kind of investment property should you buy? Residential or commercial? Single family or duplex? What price range should you aim for? Should you pick a specific area or neighborhood? Obviously, the answers will depend on […]

Pre MLS Leads

A lot of the best deals in real estate never even hit the open market! A pre mls lead on a property is when a potential buyer gets a lead on a house from a realtor before that realtor lists the house on the market (MLS). Investors that buy a lot of houses are able […]

Buying Investment Property

Buying investment property can be a very lucrative endeavor. It can, also be a gamble; first time investors can often make mistakes that can result in a loss instead of a profit. While buying investment property can be a complex process, taking the time to learn all you can about about will ensure your success. […]

Short Sale vs. Foreclosure

Short sales and foreclosures are both possible outcomes for homeowners facing financial difficulties. There are many questions that can arise from this situation: what is a short sale?  How is it different than foreclosure? Is one more beneficial than the other? Before making a decision on whether to sell your home via a short sale […]

Buy Tampa Real Estate

For those interested in buying Tampa real estate, the market seems to be stabilizing and even making large gains in some areas. Now is the perfect time to buy real estate. Over the history of the real estate market we can see that the market has increased, then decreased, then increased even more. The rare […]

What is a Short Sale in Real Estate?

What is a short sale and How Will the New Legislation Affect You? In the past, short sale deals were far from actually being short, if at all. However, now that federal legislation has taken place, there are some changes that will be implemented. These changes will affect sellers who qualify, and if executed properly […]

Tampa Foreclosures

There doesn’t seem to be an end to Tampa foreclosures in our near future. The rates fluctuate from quarter to quarter, but the houses keep coming! Lately, I hear a lot of stories of Florida residents owing twice what houses are selling for in their neighborhood. A lot of people choose to let their house […]