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Homes that are priced right get the most attention and help drive up the price as buyers compete. Realnet’s free market analysis considers values in your neighborhood as well as condition of sold homes and how long they took to sell. Through our research we will develop a strategy to sell your house quickly, and for top dollar!

We will provide you with a no-obligation Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) showing SOLD properties. Provide us with the following information and please tell us anything that you think can help the value of your home! Of course your information will be kept confidential and will only be used to help provide you accurate information on your home’s value.

These days online calculators and so called ‘home value estimators’ are everywhere! Here at Realnet we take pride in giving you the most thorough analysis of your home. We believe the most accurate values are determined by people who have been to and studied your home. Contact our experts and let us sell your home for top dollar today!

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Good debt vs Bad Debt

Good Debt VS Bad Debt

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Cheap Houses

Cheap Houses vs Good Houses

For real estate investors like myself there’s a certain appeal when we hear “cheap houses” or “cheap houses for sale”.