Pre MLS Leads

Pre MLS Leads

A lot of the best deals in real estate never even hit the open market! A pre mls lead on a property is when a potential buyer gets a lead on a house from a realtor before that realtor lists the house on the market (MLS). Investors that buy a lot of houses are able to build good reputations with realtors that sell distressed property. When a buyer performs on a contract, i.e. the buyer stands behind the agreement or contract he makes with realtors, he develops a good reputation for himself as a reliable buyer. After several years and multiple purchases, the realtors will start to give these reliable investors inside tips on upcoming houses. Realtors are motivated to tell repeat buyers about pre-mls leads for two reasons: A) the realtor may collect both the listing agent AND the selling agent’s commission, and B) the realtor can have confidence that he is putting together a solid contract that will close on time.

As you can see, pre mls leads are very valuable because the realtor knows he has a good deal on his hands, and is only giving that lead to his best buyers.

Realnet has been buying and selling South Florida real estate foreclosures since 1999! Our reputation with banks and realtors is impeccable! We have access to pre mls houses because Realtors and banks (sellers) know we are 100% reliable and will follow through on our contact with no hassle.

These relationships help us buy pre-mls houses cheaper than the competition, and, as always, we pass the discount on to our investors! We are proud of our reputation and are even listed as a preferred vender for both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac! Banks know that we stand behind our word, and our investors know we have the best selection of cheap houses for sale in Tampa!