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Interested in learning more about Realnet Property Management?  Have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions to get it in depth view of Tampa‘s best property management company.

Realnet Property Management was established in 2003 and started as a small family run business. Today we manage more than 300 single family homes for over 60 clients in Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco, and Polk county. Through the we have seen good markets, bad markets, and even a real estate meltdown. We have been successful in each of these markets by maintaining a focus on keeping our Landlord’s properties occupied.  We have been able to assist our clients in making decisions which best serve their financial position and their real estate investments.

Yes, the property managers at Realnet Property Management have real estate sales person‘s licenses. In the state of Florida property managers are required to have a real estate license in order to handle property management.

Our fees are one of the more reasonable rates in Central Florida. We charge 50% of the first month when we rent out a property. Then 10% every month after that while the property is rented. If a tenant moves out or breaks lease or is evicted during the first few months of a property been rented out we will work with the owners to ensure our fees are fair and to protect their cash flow on their investment. The only other fee we charge would be the renewal fee of $150 for each renewal which is secure. We are investors ourselves and understand the importance of cash flow on these investments. We try to keep our rates as reasonable as possible while also ensuring we can stay in business for years to come in or fairly compensated for her time and efforts.

This is a common problem for homeowners and investors. We do assist our clients in sprucing up or renovating their properties through our network of contacts and vendors. Through our years of business we have built a system of contacts which can save our clients hundreds or even thousands of dollars. We also understand what is important to take care of during the renovation process to maximize the rent ability of the property and protect your investment.[/vc_toggle][vc_toggle title=”What kind of background check do you do?”]We have one of the more stringent background requirements of property managers in Central Florida. Since we maintain the property before, during, and after renting it out, our name is on the line if an unacceptable tenant is placed in the property. We take this process very seriously and do thorough background checks as well as go researching through court records and also verify rental history with previous landlord/property mangers.

Yes, we prefer this type of transaction as it gets money to our owners as quickly as possible.

With our collective years of experience in property management we are able to efficiently and effectively price rental properties to maximize profit per owners while also ensuring that the property rent quickly to a good tenant. We research comparable properties in the area and also use our years of knowledge to select the appropriate price.

No blinds are not required to rent out houses.  Occasionally we do provide them in an effort to make the property as rentable as possible. There is no requirement for blinds to be provided but sometimes it is beneficial to put blinds up so the property does not look vacant and protect the assets of our property owners.

We have found over the years that it is good for business if property managers are open to tenants who have pets. They are considered part of the family. We do not rent to people with large breed animals because he can be an issue with your insurance company and possibly cause a termination notice to be sent out. We typically try to find residents who have smaller breed animals and do require a nonrefundable pet deposit.

Maintenance request are one of the most important ways to keep residents happy in rental properties and ensure long tenancies. We have a dedicated maintenance repair line which can receive calls and texts and is checked during regular business hours and also at night for emergencies. We typically try to respond to maintenance request within 48 hours and much faster for emergencies.

We are a qualified section 8 landlord, however this program does not fit every house and we typically discuss the benefits and cost of using this program with each client to ensure it meets their needs.

Realnet Property Management has detailed end of month reports which show clients exactly how much money was taken in on their rental properties each month.  We send details reports showing any repairs or maintenance that was required on any properties and exactly how much these items cost and what was done. These details help our owners to track how the rental properties are performing and give owners the ability to look back historically how a unit is performing or when repairs were done.

Evictions are one of the most costly and frustrating parts of property management. We do all we can to avoid evictions through our background checks and verifications however sometimes an eviction needs to happen. When evictions are required we use actual attorneys to assist in the eviction process to ensure that it is done quickly efficiently and to protect our clients. There is no standard timeline as every case is unique. However by using an attorney we ensure that the case is moved along as quickly as possible and no opportunity is missed to regain possession of the house.

We work hard to ensure the tenants are happy and want to stay in the property for multiple years. This is best for our clients as it avoids months of lost rent or turnover costs. If a resident is not interested in renewing, we will visit them on site and discuss ways to possibly agree to a new lease. For this time and effort we charge a $150 charge on the 13th month when the tenant renews.

Every HOA is different and handles violations in unique ways. Through our years of experience we have learned to work affectively with homeowners association‘s and to establish lines of communication early to try and prevent troubles that may come from associations when a property is rented out.

This question is often asked and has many variables. We have found over the years that owners like to have communication but also like to have affordable management fees. By keeping our fees low we have to be efficient with every employees time. This means we do not have someone on staff dedicated to communication with clients. However when there is a charge over $500 we typically reach out to the client to ensure that they agree with the plan we are proposing. I have often had clients suggest I call their vendor or contact to try and get a better price. They are always astonished that our prices are significantly lower than anyone they use. Communication is an important tool in property management and we understand the clients enjoy knowing what is going on and appreciate a personal phone call instead of simply looking at numbers on paper which sometimes cannot tell the entire story.

If proper documentation is made it is fairly simple to put a claim in a security deposit. The only time it gets tricky is when normal wear and tear is the only documented damages to the property. These cases have to be handled carefully to ensure that we are not exposing our clients to additional legal fees which would result from a claim against normal wear and tear issues.

Florida real estate law requires all the deposits to be held in proper escrow accounts and handled under strict guidelines. We also document with pictures to ensure that tenants can be held responsible if they damages a property. Like the saying says a picture is worth 1000 words.

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