Realnet Agents Follow the (Frec) Rules

What’s the catch you may ask! There IS a catch. Realnet’s broker/CEO Greg Vander Wel has participated in well over 3,000 closings throughout his career. Mr. Vander Wel has always chosen integrity over the quick dollar. Our 100% commission Realtors are expected to maintain the same values that Realnet’s reputation is built on. We hold our agents accountable to fulfill the Florida Real Estate Commission (FREC) requirements for post closing-that is, after each of your closings, we maintain your file for 5 years. Per FREC, the file MUST include the following:

Copies of fully executed contracts for sale and purchase and any addenda.
Copies of fully executed Closing Disclosure/HUD-1 statement.
Copy of your representation agreement with the buyer or seller.
Copy of all addenda included on the transaction (lead based paint, seller disclosure, etc)

Realnet uses cloud technology to make Florida Association of Realtor and National Association of Realtor’s contracts, addenda and forms available to our agents 24/7. Contracts are available online for easy download and use. No more searching around for a contract or wondering if your contract is the most up-to-date. We handle the research and make the contracts available and ready anytime you need them!

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Realnet will not work with a 100% commission Realtor who participates in any of the following:

       Straw Buyers
       Appraisal Fraud
      Mortgage Fraud
      Any unethical activity, fees, or service payments or any fees not disclosed on the Closing Disclosure statement

We believe in keeping it simple; our Broker requires that all monies included in any of our real estate transactions are listed on the HUD or Closing Disclosure Statement. This insures that all parties are aware of every detail of the transaction.

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