Responsibilities of a Tampa Landlord

Tampa Landlord
April 11, 2013

Whether you’re already a property owner, or are new to real estate investment, it’s important to consider what you plan to do with the properties you invest in. There are, essentially, two common approaches to property investment (Tampa landlording):

Renting your properties out is a great choice. Before you decide to become a Tampa landlord, however, it’s a good idea to know what you’d be getting yourself into. What’s required of a Tampa landlord? What are the laws in your state?

Aside from regular and routine maintenance, Tampa landlords must abide by the following conditions:

The roof must be in good condition, with no leaks;

Some of that may sound like common sense, but it is always good to know the law. Many of these responsibilities can be taken care of by hiring a Property Management firm, but it’s necessary to make sure that the firm you hire is taking care of everything for you. Failure to follow the guidelines can result in the withholding of rent, and even lawsuits.