Earn 100% Commission in Real Estate

Realnet Florida Real Estate has some of the most competitive real estate commission structures in Central Florida. Whether you’re a part-time agent who has one or two closings a year or a full-time agent closing 5+ per month, we have a real estate commission structure that will benefit you!

Realnet agents are able to change their commission structure periodically. Change your commission plan as your business grows, keep your commissions!

Choose the commission structure of the most benefits you and join Realnet today!

Option #1

Great for agents closing 0-2/Yr
$ 0 Monthly
  • $295/Closing Fee
  • Free E&O
  • No Additional Fees

$0/mo + $295 per Closing

This is our original 100% commission plan and is one of the most competitive in the State of Florida. This is a great option for part time agents who close 0-2 properties per year as well as for referral agents. This commission plan is unique in that there are NO MONTHLY FEES! Our 100% commission Realtors pay only 1 fee of $295 for every transaction they close. This plan has ZERO desk fees, ZERO hidden, annual, or consultation fees!

Option #2

Great for agents closing 3-5/Yr
$ 35 Monthly
  • $99/Closing Fee
  • Free E&O
  • No Additional Fees

$35/mo + $99 per Closing

This is the best commission plan for agents closing 3-5 properties per year! Agents pay a small fee of $35 per month. With every closing the agent participates in, their office fee is only $99. Our $35/mo + $99 per closing plan is an excellent option because it balances a low per closing fee with a very affordable monthly fee. Agents enjoy the benefits of no additional fees with this plan. This plan has ZERO additional fees!

Option #3

Great for agents closing 6+/Yr
$ 55 Monthly
  • $55/Closing Fee
  • Free E&O
  • No Additional Fees

$55/mo + $55 per Closing

For full time agents closing 6+ properties per year this is the payplan of choice! Busy agents report this as THE most competitive commission plan in Florida. Agents pay a minimal fee of $55 per month and with every closing the agents pays only $55! This plan is unique in that it has the lowest monthly fee and per closing fee available! Agents enrolled in this plan still enjoy the benefit of paying no additional or hidden fees.

90/10 Commission Splits

Realnet agents receive 90% of the commission on commercial closings as well as residential closings over $500k. The $295 office fee is replaced with a 10% split for these closings.

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